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dB Technical Sales offers the following products for your various applications. Please let us know your specific requirements.


Ducommun, Inc.
Covering DC to 110 GHZ:
  • Coaxial Switches: DC to 50 GHz
  • Switch Matrices
  • Switched Filter Banks
  • Millimeter Wave components & Sub-Assemblies
  • DC to 110 GHz Multi-Function Assemblies

ETG-Canada / Canteq-Telecom
Low-cost, high-performance products for Microwave and Millimeter wave communications up to 40 GHz:
  • Diplexers
  • Filters
  • Rotary Joints
  • Waveguides

Millennium Microwave Corporation
  • Switched filter banks DC to 20 GHz
  • Solid State Switches DC to 24 GHz, SPST to SP16T
  • Integrated Sub-assemblies
  • RF and Microwave filters Various transfer functions and topologies
  • Solid State Switch Matrix

Quest Microwave

Microwave products from 100 MHz to 50 GHz
  • Isolators
  • Circulators
  • Waveguide Units
  • Iso-Adapters
  • Iso-Hybrid Combiners
  • Multi-Junctions.

Southwest Microwave
Southwest Microwave SSBP high-performance microwave coax contacts proves performance, reduces cost and improves reliability.
  • Super SMA, 1mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, 1.85mm
  • SSBP contacts
  • SSMA connectors
  • Type N, TNC, BMA/OSP connectors
  • End Launch
  • Adapters
  • Cable connectors/assemblies
  • Launch Accessories
  • Installation & Tools